Net packing machine - NET2

Machine designed to place nets into boxes. It shines by its high production and the care given to the products.
Production 60 nets/min 1Kg
Installed Power 3 KW.
· Built with electro welded steel tubes, conformed plate and sheet bars.
· Finished in epoxy paint, dual component polyurethane or zinc coated.
· Built as different modules.
· Fruit-grade elements
· Funnel system to protect the fruit from bumping into the edges of the box..
· Vibration systems at packing position and exit position to guarantee a perfect packing.
· Possibility of manual packing.
· Boxes infeed could be from back or from one side.
· Functioning with net’s interlocking, allowing a packing similar to the manual one.
· Adaptable to wood or plastic boxes measuring 600x400 with a height between 130 and    240mm.
· Touch screen controls.
· Perfect fruit treatment.
· Quick format change.
· High production.
· Reduced dimensions
· Minimal manteinance.
· Easy to use
· Manual packing possible
The nets arrive on a belt conveyor until the diverter placed in the entrance of the machine. This diverter directs the nets to one side and the other preparing the nets by rows. When the rows of nets are completed, the machine compact them and opening the belt conveyors place the net in to the box. In order to protect the fruits during this fall, the machine have a funnel that protects the fruit from bumping into the edges of the box.

Once the layer is in the box, the compactors are removed and the belts go back together in order to receive the next layer.

The box is carried to the packing position by an elevator with a vibration system that facilitates the homogeneous distribution of the nets.

At the next position a vibration and compacting system starts to ensure the redistribution of the nets, preventing any fruit from protruding above the box. This system enables to pack even large size nets. The area of the plate that is in contact with the fruits has a foam-rubber coat to avoid the damages to the product.
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