Covers Machine - EASY10

Machine designed to place mesh and cardboard covers over wooden boxes using hot glue.

The covers are placed one by one, the machine approaches the cover from the deposit to the workszone, where a clamp positions it over the box.
Production 900 covers/hour.
Installed power 1.5KW.
Air consumption 210 LN/minute.
Queue consumption at max production 650g/hour.
Queue deposit capacity 4kg.
· Built with electro welded steel tubes, conformed plate and sheet bars.
· Finished in epoxy paint, dual component polyurethane or zinc coated.
· Horizontal movement using a gearmotor with encoder, toothed belts and frequency variator.
· Vertical movement with a servomotor and a prismatic precision guide with toothed belt.
· Glue applier with hot hoses.
· Adaptable to formats from dwarf to 50x30cm.
· Allows pass of 60x40cm and 50x35cm.
· Conveyor adjustable side guide using a rod.
· Control using touchscreen.
· Covers reposition without having to stop the machine.
· High production rate.
· Minimal incidences, <99% efectivity.
· Versatile for different formats, with clamp change and cover dump.
· Easy to use.
· Minimal maintenance.
· Small sized.
· Easy to change the format. Higher productivity.
The boxes arrive through a conveyor from the production zone. The box flux is regulated by pneumatic stoppers so they enter the workzone one by one. While the box enters to the work position, glue guns place hot glue on the box’ sides.

The covers are moved from the deposit to the main clamp. After this, the clamp llowers itself to place the cover. Then it gets glued to the box due to the pressure applied by the clamp.
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