Filler-Weigher Grain - SCALE2

Machine designed for filling boxes with fruit according to the weight. It emphasizes the excellent treatment of the fruit and the good distribution inside the box without stands out above.
Production 300 boxes/hour.
Installed power 1.7KW.
Air consumption 40 LN.
· Made of electro-soldered steel tube, shaped sheet and platens.
· Finished in epoxy, two component polyurethane or zinc.
· Made in independent modules.
· Elements in contact with food grade fruit.
· Vibrating system filler.
· Possibility of filling the boxes in two ways, one from the back in line with entry of fruit and another filling from the front side.
· Adaptable to those formats of boxes more common in the citrus and fruit market: boxes from 40 x 30cm up to 60 x 40cm and the maximum height of 35 cm.
· The width adjustment of the format by means of leadscrew and steering wheel with handle.
· Commercial electronic and weighing system.
· Weighing precision of 10 grams.
· Control by means of touch screen terminal.
· Excellent fruit treatment.
· Fast change-over.
· High production.
· Reduced dimensions.
· Minimum maintenance.
· Easy handling.
· No fruit on the floor.
The empty boxes are filled by means of a conveyor up to the point of filling, where it rises up to a fixed funnel. The supply of the fruit is performed by means of a double canvas which fills a hopper. When the hopper weighing system gives the weight previously selected, the hopper is opened by means of pneumatic control and fills the box. While filling, the vibrating system is started for the homogenous distribution of the fruit insisde it.

When the box is filled, it is placed again on the conveyor and it goes out allowing the entry of another empty box. During this time interval weighing hopper has in store a new filling of fruit inside it.
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