Citrus Packing Machine - FAST3

Machine designed to put fruit into boxes by layers, according to a pre-established format. It shines by its high production and the care given to the fruits. The machine features a regulator, the box fitting machine and the incoming boxes feeder.
Production Boxes20x30cm 1000 boxes/h (2 layers)
Boxes50x30/40x30/44x29cm 500boxes/h (2 layers)
Installed power 5KW.
Air consumption 200 LN/minute.
· Built with electro welded steel tubes, conformed plate and sheet bars.
· Finished in epoxy paint, dual component polyurethane or zinc coated.
· Built as different modules.
· Movements guided by a prismatic precision guide.
· Autonomic vacuum generation.
· Fruit‐grade elements.
· Sockets and transporting band quick system change.
· Patented funnel system to protect the fruit.
· Touch screen controls.
· Perfect fruit treatment.
· Quick format change.
· High production.
· Minimal manteinance.
· Adaptable to boxes from 20x30cm through 60x40cm.
· Easy to use.
Once graded, the fruit arrives to the exit fruit regulation system, which acts as an automatic production regulator.

From the exit fruit regulation system it passes to a band where it’s distributed forming a layer, and from here to the sockets on the transporting band. Once in the sockets, it advances to the box fitting zone where a grip picks the fruit by aspiration and positions it in the box.

The box enters from a lower conveyor and is positioned buy pneumatic stoppers and lifted by a motor. Once lifted the antiadherent tubes adjust to the inner walls of the box, easing the fruit entrance.
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